Trip ➜ 2014-03-24 - Taiwan ( Taipei, Danshui and Jiufen )
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2014:03:24 17:52:00 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Nice idea to promote own hotel logo.

Tian Hou Kong 天后宫
2014:03:24 18:41:29 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
With all the lanterns on at night, it provide an impressive feel when you walking around the temple.

Tian Hou Kong 天后宫
2014:03:24 18:43:57 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Main hall of the temple.

Street Art
2014:03:24 19:02:03 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Nice cut off shape with the light shinning from side.

2014:03:24 19:23:29 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
First meal in Taiwan, one of the old restaurant in town. The Lu Rou Fan is nicer than what I expected! Easily you may order another bowl after you try it. The Rou Geng Mian also nice taste. And the Lu Tou Fu, is a must eat dish!

Cheng Huang Miao 城隍庙
2014:03:24 20:22:58 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Some small statues around the temple.

Cheng Huang Miao 城隍庙
2014:03:24 20:25:42 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Part of the view inside the temple, Guang Ying just on the right side once you step in the temple.

XiMengDing 西门町
2014:03:24 20:38:59 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Famous place young people and tourists. Shopping area for fashion and foods! There is a street named Tattoo Street, if you want tattoo or piercing then you must not miss it out!

Honey and Bitter Guard Juice 蜂蜜苦瓜汁
2014:03:24 20:50:12 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
If you dun like the bitter taste then you have no point to try it. lol

2014:03:25 09:35:18 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
The first Oyster MeeSua I had in Taiwan! One of the local favorite stall!

Long Shan Temple 龙山寺
2014:03:25 10:54:55 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Just want to take a normal front view of the temple, suddenly popup this to silly girls posing for their photo, so...... Shot lah.

Qing Shan Gong 青山宫
2014:03:25 11:24:18 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Main hall view.

2014:03:25 11:46:16 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
The temple where they film the movie 艋舺 .

一甲子 - 碗粿
2014:03:25 11:58:31 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Same idea like 碗仔糕. But this cover with nice sauce and salty taste.

一甲子 - 刈包
2014:03:25 11:59:06 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
They call it Taiwan Burger! One of the must try at this stall!

两喜好 - 鱿鱼焿
2014:03:25 12:49:39 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Just normal taste for me, the cuttle fish not much taste in is soup.

龙都冰果室 - 红豆+花生+芋头+圆仔
2014:03:25 13:06:22 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
I can say the taste is nicer then ABC! Because the sweetness and taste are from those topper. No wonder they so popular in Taiwan at summer.

2014:03:25 13:07:18 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Me enjoying.

MaoKong 猫空
2014:03:25 17:20:47 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
In Taipei you can take a cable car about 20 mins up to MaoKong, but nothing much you can do other than just enjoying the cold with a abut view of the center Taipei. If you have not much time in Taipei on your trip, just ignore this. On MaoKong a lot of tea house, you can just enjoy tea with some snack food. Here we having tea with fried taufu and sweet potato.

MaoKong 猫空
2014:03:25 18:31:35 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Night view from some of the tea house.

2014:03:25 21:11:24 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
First when see it at the stall, still thinking shall I try or not. After order it and try, really nice taste. Especially with the way they cooking it, you feel like the taste all over the meat inside.

饭团 Onigiri
2014:03:26 09:34:22 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Beside the Yong Heng Soya Milk, there is an aunty selling breakfast. Order the Salmon Onigiri, quite heavy when you finish the whole roll!

Breakfast at XiMeDing西门町
2014:03:26 09:42:25 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Having my breakfast!

Taipei 101 - 91 Floor
2014:03:26 11:55:44 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Where my finger painting is the area where I standing now!

Taipei 101 - Elevator
2014:03:26 12:48:17 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Higher Speed in the world at the moment! One minute for 600 meters. It only took 40 seconds to going up!

2014:03:26 12:57:28 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
One of the sign for Taipei.

Taipei 101
2014:03:26 13:04:50 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Impressive building when you look at the details.

2014:03:26 13:21:40 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
After order your noodles or rice, they still have other food on the rack. Just pick them and they will cut it for you. The toufu here is marinated so well!!

2014:03:26 13:41:44 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
A must order dish here is the cold noodle, but you may need to wait for 20 minutes, because they need to cook the noodle then cold it down before serve to you ! The gravy below the noodle, so remember mix up before you eat it..:-)

Siang Shan 象山
2014:03:26 14:24:13 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Hike up to Xiang Shan for Taipei Skyline. been plan to come here for night view, but this few days the view is not so clear. So make it on day time instead of night view.

Cherry Blossom Close-up
2014:03:26 17:07:49 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
Yes, need to shot a close-up to see the flower details!

Cherry Blossom
2014:03:26 17:09:52 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
Finally saw some cherry blossom in real life!

2014:03:26 17:14:28 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
Once you step in to the old street, you will see this kind of bread selling everywhere! Just get 1 to try(Original), nice strong butter taste when you having them. I read they can have it either with warm up or cold!! Both way you get very difference feeling in your mouth.

2014:03:26 17:51:51 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
One of the oldest temple in Taiwan, just located at the end of the bridge. When you visit it, dun forget to go up both side!

三峽老街 - SanXia Old Street
2014:03:26 18:23:06 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
General shops here they close between 6-7pm. But the street still great view after sunset!

東道飲食亭 - 扣肉饭 Braised Meat Rice
2014:03:26 18:51:41 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
Huge braised meat covered the top of rice with some vegetable below it. portion are more than enough for me!

東道飲食亭-麻辣臭豆腐 Hot & Spicy Smelly Taufu
2014:03:26 18:52:29 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
After try I think I like better the deep fried smelly toufu.

2014:03:26 19:00:14 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
the interior design really base on old style taiwan small restaurant, you can find a lot of old stuff when you walking around inside!

2014:03:26 20:40:38 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
We tried the 九层塔 Basil and 苦瓜 Bitter Gourd taste. Both the first feel in your mouth will be funny, but after that I love them both. On next visit will try their salty taste flavour.

永和豆浆 Yong He Soya Milk
2014:03:27 09:23:01 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Everyone visit Taiwan will never miss to try the soya milk on this brand restaurant . They got a sesame soya milk, is quite nice taste as I never had it before in Malaysia. I also order 2 bum, one with Basil Egg and one with Chicken Floss. I can say just so-so.

中正纪念堂 Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
2014:03:27 10:09:20 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
They having then 1600 Pandas World Tour when we are there. Everywhere is pandas!!!

中正纪念堂 Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
2014:03:27 10:24:36 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
2 guards on both side are like dolls, and their face so sharp look like dolls too!

西門紅樓 - Red House Theater
2014:03:27 11:14:28 🌎 Taipei, Taiwan
Nice old building stand beside the busy modern shopping street of Xi Men Ding.

老牌阿给 - Ah Gei
2014:03:27 13:40:47 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
I not sure how they call it, Ah Gei or Ah Ko? it just the tofu they empty the inside then put some Dong Fan and covered with fish meat then steam it. It is good for light lunch! Add with the fish ball soup then will be full lunch.

Cherry Blossom
2014:03:27 14:43:12 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
lovely flowers..........

2014:03:27 15:40:20 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
They also have BIG wooden dutch shoe here for tourist!

2014:03:27 15:47:23 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
Canons in between the 2 buildings.

Please dun remove this!
2014:03:27 17:02:50 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
If you put something like this in Malaysia, I think after one hour it will be gone.

麻吉奶奶 鮮奶麻糬 - Milk Mochi
2014:03:27 17:26:04 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
If you like mochi then you must not miss to try this. It really melt in your mouth! Never see it at other place yet!

麻吉奶奶 鮮奶麻糬
2014:03:27 17:26:51 🌎 New Taipei, Taiwan
They got soup or dry type, with red bean soup make it nice taste and cold!

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