Trip ➜ 2014-10-14 - Japan ( Kyoto and Wakayama )
             Sabak Bernam, Malaysia     
Chinese New Year Eve      
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Jamba Private House (Osaka)
2014:10:14 17:45:30 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Own by Takamoto, size is just good enough for 2 person. Typical Japanese Style. Extreme Compact design! Come with mini kitchen, mini bathroom and the room just for 2 beds! You can find it at

2014:10:14 20:00:38 🌎 Osaka, Japan
The first place visiting after settle down with stay. You can felt very busy around here and all stalls, restaurants and shops!! Most of them expecting to open till 2-3am! Very touristic place.

Giant Scallop
2014:10:14 20:11:52 🌎 Osaka, Japan
While walking on Dotonbori, this is the first stall catched my eye from my hunger. Yes we tried it and yummy!! You will ask for more!!!

Octopus Dumpling
2014:10:14 20:19:27 🌎 Osaka, Japan
You will see around many restaurant or stall selling this, I choose 本家章魚燒 because the size of the octopus piece they put in the dumpling is huge! A must try!!

本家章魚燒 - 本家 道頓堀 大たこ

Dotonbori Main Street
2014:10:14 20:26:50 🌎 Osaka, Japan
I don't think any tourist will miss this street when they step in Kyoto. @@

Dumpling Gyoza Queue
2014:10:14 20:36:22 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Paid for your order and get the queue number.

Dumpling Gyoza
2014:10:14 20:40:20 🌎 Osaka, Japan
1 person can easily finish this.... Yummy!

Surprise Desserts
2014:10:14 22:26:21 🌎 Osaka, Japan
On the way walking back from Dotonbori to Namba Private House, we passing by a shop selling this, the left side is something make from eggs and soft nice. Right side is some kind of layers crispy biscuit with middle some tasty cream! Idid not write down the shop name and all are in Japanese, so if you any chance crossing the GPS near this region, try it!

Nanbayasaka Shrine
2014:10:15 09:49:22 🌎 Osaka, Japan
It just located at the next door where we staying at Osaka. Small temple but worth to visit!

2014:10:15 09:53:45 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Yes, that is me in the middle mirror........

Ship Hall
2014:10:15 12:05:51 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Used Sky Building
2014:10:15 12:12:19 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Osaka Castle
2014:10:15 13:16:19 🌎 Osaka, Japan
The beauty of the castle is from outside, you can escape to enter the castle unless you wan to have a view from the top of the castle, the interior is not much to see. But remember must try to walk around it!!

Osaka Skyline
2014:10:15 13:29:46 🌎 Osaka, Japan
This is the view from the top of the Osaka Castle.

Miniture Figure
2014:10:15 13:39:56 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Showing a war on Osaka before.......

Best View Point
2014:10:15 14:20:02 🌎 Osaka, Japan
They mentioned is the best view point to the Osaka Castle, because you can see the bridge too.

Osaka Castle - Autumn
2014:10:15 14:29:19 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Some of the trees are slowly changing to orange and red..

Sunset View from Harukas 300
2014:10:15 17:08:43 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Osaka is quite a big city, if you planning to go up to Harukas 300, you must try go up before sunset, there you can enjoy the sunset view and also the night light start for the town!

Timelapse on Harukas 300
2014:10:15 17:26:58 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Taking time-lapse for the sunset!! Your view the video on

Having Mojito
2014:10:15 18:20:25 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Having the drink with night view on Harukas 300.

Open Air Cafe
2014:10:15 18:32:21 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Enjoying the fresh air here. Just sit down and relax.. Nice setup if the weather not good you can move to indoor instead!

BBQ Dinner
2014:10:15 20:48:24 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Many of the restaurant on the local shopping street are closed, luckily we found this restaurant before it close and we are the last customer for the night! Saw on their poster they providing Kobe Beef too, and the girl can speak litter English that's a plus!! We did had a nice dinner and I can tell I love the beef here! We choose the most expensive beef on the menu and worth for it!

Kobe Beef
2014:10:15 20:50:50 🌎 Osaka, Japan
A must try beef in this region!

BBQ Seafood
2014:10:15 21:11:27 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Other than Kobe Beef we also ordered some seafood and vegetable.

Ping Pong Grape
2014:10:15 23:41:21 🌎 Osaka, Japan
Saw in taiwanese program talking about it, and on the way back from Dotonbori we saw a fruit shop selling it! Yes sure must give a try!! And imagine is seedless!!! Taste so juicy!! The skin a bit thick, but we eat the skin

First Time
2014:10:16 13:29:26 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
First time on the trip sitting in such Japanese booth in the restaurant. The owner hardly can speak any English, so I need to bring her go to the entrance to point what kind of food I want!

Cold Soba
2014:10:16 13:30:13 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It come with some tempura, and we ordered a Hot Sake. Now I understood why people can be easily get drunk and addicted to sake, it so nice and easy to drink!

Water from Underground
2014:10:16 14:37:49 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
People believe the water from underground in this region is the best for drinking and also to use for making sake and other alcohols. Even they present such small hut with the water free fill for visitors as drinking water! You can see people are queueing for it.

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
2014:10:16 14:57:57 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
One of a must visit is this museum, you pay Y300 for the entrance but you get a miniature bottle of sake as souvenir! I never know how they making the sake, so is very interesting for me understand how it work. In the picture is one of the old sake bottle and cup set.

Personal Furo
2014:10:16 18:25:24 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
The owner of the GuestHouse we we stay he build this bath house for his customers. And it make from HiBa Wood, you can smell it nice once you step in. And yes, the water is same they using from the underground water for it. Owner claim this may be the first Furo using HiBa Wood!

Yummy BBQ Chicken
2014:10:16 20:14:06 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
鳥せい本店 (鳥SEI) got huge selection of BBQ dishes, and also some other normal Japanese food. I tried one of their signature dishes which is plain rice, then top with chicken and some other herbs then pour some chicken soup on it! Last squeeze some lime in it..Yummy!! I forgot the name of the dish. lol

2014:10:16 20:41:18 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
One of the famous restaurant on town. Don't judge from the outside of the restaurant even it look like quiet and close. Just open the door and you will see the difference! They are famous for all kind of Chicken BBQ.... just pick what you want!

Google map :,+〒612-8048+京都府京都市伏見区上油掛町+鳥せい本店/@34.9223896,135.7715508,14z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!

Kimono Wear
2014:10:16 21:35:42 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Kuretakean in Kyoto provide us the kimono wear which you can use before and after your bath. First time in my life wearing it.

2014:10:17 11:27:39 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Don't be cheated by my photo, it not as quiet as you in in the photo. One of the popular place for tourist they can take nice view photo from a special location. Thanks to the weather for me to take a nice photo!

Kimono Girls
2014:10:17 11:48:11 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It seem very popular for tourists to rent or buy kimono and wear it to visit places for photo with it! Hardly seem them in Osaka, but once you step in Kyoto often you will see them walking with kimono on the streets!

2014:10:17 12:20:47 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Take a break after visited Kinkaku-ji, after the exit we having our mocha with a piece of desert in the tea house. Nice setup with garden view.

Sweet and Dessert Shop
2014:10:17 12:57:45 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It just beside the bus stop, jump in to buy some local dessert to try out! It surprised me, once step in I feel like in the shop which only appear in the movie. So many kind of sweet and dessert you can choose and all very colourful! Japanese very good in packaging their products!

2 Fun Ladies
2014:10:17 14:50:09 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
The lady on the left know very litter english and the middle was nice friendly. Imagine a lady having 2 bottle of beer with lunch, and they had a lot of food too! Even the left lady take away a set of sushi with special kind of fish!

Sushi Set
2014:10:17 14:52:12 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Yummy! I can tell it a real sushi set I ever have! Rice in ii only small amount with all hand made. I read before, for sushi the fish meat should be just front and back totally covered the rice and litter touch the plate, and that is what I saw here!

さか井 Restaurant
2014:10:17 15:04:52 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
The smallest sushi bar I ever see!! Imagine it only can hold 5 customer!! If you are number 6 then you need to wait until the current customer finished. That is the owner and his wife, they such friendly and you will felt warm feeling when you having the food there! If you are around here try give it a try! Warn you, they dun know single word of english and the menu there all in Japanese.

2014:10:17 15:28:14 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Just now had too much food with lunch, no space for this octopus....NEXT TIME!

Nishiki Tenman-gū Shrine
2014:10:17 15:32:37 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It just in the middle of the shopping street, nice decorated with all the lantern. And this cow it seem everyone who enter the temple will touch it !

Fushimi Inari Taisha
2014:10:17 16:16:35 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It quite impressive with all the gates here with such orange colour. And you need to take about 4 hours if you wan hike to the top of the hill! We only did half way as it going dark. But still very impress by the trail.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Sunset
2014:10:17 17:14:07 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Another lucky day to see the nice sunset on the half hill of Fushimi Inari Taisha.

2014:10:17 18:37:24 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Dinner on the way back to guesthouse.

2014:10:17 21:31:51 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
This the dessert bought from the shop, so nicely done.

Traditional Breakfast
2014:10:18 08:13:05 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Owner explaining how to eat them 1 by 1.

2014:10:18 08:15:19 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Serve with white carrot, some soya sauce with few drops of lime! You can see how happy the owner is when serving us those food.

Nattō with Black bean
2014:10:18 08:18:56 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
Normally Nattō is soybeans, but owner make with blank beans because he said black beans is better for health.

2014:10:18 08:22:16 🌎 Kyoto, Japan
It a bit bitter taste after you bite it, crisp and you eat the whole fish!

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