Since kid I'm very fond of Assam Laksa, I love the spicy and sour taste. When the Assam Laksa is good, I will finish the whole bowl until the last drop of gravy!
Assam Laksa is listed as number 7 on the World's 50 most delicious foods list, compiled by CNN in July 2017.
In general Laksa means a heavy gravy, spicy soup with noodles, it can be Curry Laksa or Assam laksa.
In the North and East Coast region of Malaysia they call Assam Laksa just Laksa; but in the Middle and South region they name it Assam Laksa, at some stalls if you just order laksa, you may get Curry Laksa instead!
In the North region of Malaysia (Perlis, Penang and Northern Perak), the Laksa is slightly on the sweet side, in Kuala Kangsar and the East Coast region it will be more sour and salty, in the middle part of Malaysia (Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan) and Southern region it will be on the sour and spicy side.
Chinese and Malay Assam Laksa are slightly different in colour and taste, Chinesese Assam Laksa is more reddish in colour and Malay Laksa mostly gray with a strong fishy taste.
An Assam Laksa stall near a fishing village may put small deep fried shrimps on top of the Assam Laksa to give it a nice crispy shrimp bite, in other regions some may add an egg or a deep fried crispy cracker.
My rating and comment is from my own taste, the stall I like may not be your favourite or the other way!
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